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Hey, I am Angela,

Christ follower, wife, mom, coffee drinker and adventure seeker. 

I am  Angela Jekeli; a Dayton, Ohio born and raised girl with a camera. I am an outgoing introvert

(enneagram 9W1) who loves people but needs her alone time every now and then. My desire & joy is to serve  couples and families well because I believe their story is worth telling. I am a Christ follower and give all the glory to Christ for the continued growth of this little dream of mine. I am also thankful for each one of you who have chosen to trust me with the telling of your story though photography.


I have been shooting weddings for about 9 years and  never take that honor lightly. Following my own wedding in 2012, I second shot with some fantastic photographers in the Dayton area and learned the ins and out of wedding photography. I booked my first wedding in the spring of 2013 and never looked back! I only book about 10 weddings a year as I love photography and I also love my family and want to create a heathy balance, while continuing to spend time together as a family.

​I, along with my husband Jon, are adventurer seekers, Olympics Fanatics and best friends. Jon and I met at Miami University and got married in 2012. Since then we have added an overly excitable dog, (Bilbo) to our family and then two incredible kids, Teddy and Maggie who are truly our greatest joy.  We love to travel and experience the incredible sights, foods and adventure this world has to offer.  

Jon and I believe marriage and families are some of God's greatest gifts, and I are so humbled to get the chance to tell my clients' story through photographing weddings (and other special life moments) . My desire for all of my couples and clients is to photograph their story in a unique and  timeless way because their story is worth telling.


The Story behind the anchor:

I love anchors; in my life they have become a beautiful picture of hope and security. I have a friend that once drew a picture of an anchor in a letter she wrote to me while we worked together as counselors at a summer camp, and that letter has stuck with me to this day. She wrote in it that the Lord above is faithful and that he alone is our hope and he is the true anchor to our souls. And she is correct. I believe that it is because of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us on the cross that we can enjoy life here on earth and that we do have hope in life after death. The anchor in my logo is a daily reminder to me that I only get to do what I love because the Lord sent his Son to die for me, to set me free. I love photography and I believe it is a gift from above and I hope that through this gift I can honor the Lord above and bring him glory. 

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