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Altenhofen // Family

Dayton is a very transient city, due to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Many families are only here for a short amount of time and then move on to their next assignment. Knowing your assignment is only temporary (2 to 3 years usually), it can be so easy to isolate yourself, to draw into yourself or your family to protect yourself from the hurt of developing friendships and then moving on. Well, the Altenhofen family is one of the many military families in Dayton, yet they have not let the fear of pain and hurt keep them from living in the here and now, making friendships and allowing their lives to intertwine with others. I am encouraged by the way they have developed deep friendships, join

Amish Country

I have never been, nor do I ever think I will be a writer. For one thing I am a terrible speller and although I teach my students writing, I don't find myself to be wordsmith in the least. With that being said, I think I can handle blogging, especially when it get to talk about all the awesome clients and adventures I get to have as a photographer. So I figure as my first undertaking as a blogger I would test out my skills by blogging about an amazing trip my husband and I took this past weekend with some great friends of ours. And let me just preface this with, this was no typical 20 somethings trip ;) Many 20 somethings, well they hit up casinos and racetracks, or hit up Vages and still ot

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