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Brassard // Gender Reveal

I love watching families grow. Taryn and Scott were my very first engagement shoot. I have been able to see their relationship grow over time and it was a true honor to be asked to do their gender reveal/maternity shoot this past week. Their joy for this new life overflowed out of them as they waited to cut into the cake that would tell them, bows or bucks? A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. Author: Alan Marshall Beck

Guindon // Gender Reveal Party

Some awfully great and sweet friends of mine are having a BABY!!! This past weekend we got to celebrate with them as they found out the gender of their baby. Two weeks ago Tim and Chels got an envelope from their doctor with their baby's gender hidden inside. They then handed that envelope off to myself and another friend of ours, so we got to know the gender first :) From there, we went and got Tim and Chels a giant black balloon filled with confetti (pink for a girl). At the party this weekend Tim and Chels got to pop the balloon and well.. the outcome was beautiful. IT'S A GIRL!!!! Congrats Tim and Chels, this sweet girls is going to be so loved.

Maggie // Senior Pictures

Winter seemed to have come early this year. However, in the midst of freezing temperatures and an early morning, Maggie killed her senior session! She never lost her smile and hardly even mentioned the cold. Cheers to you Maggie, not only for being such a joy to work with but cheers to you and your senior year. Good luck next year as a Bobcat (and as a Redhawk that was hard for me to say, lol). The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Josie and Molly // Senior Pictures

Being a senior in high school is unlike any other experience we have in life; there is so much before you, so much to learn about the world and about yourself. Being a senior in high school is both awesome and terrifying at the same time, deciding what is next and what that looks like for you; college, armed forces, working or a million other options can make it very overwhelming. But in the midst of it all the memories made, friends had and laughs shared can not be greater. I wish the best to Molly and Josie as they adventure through their senior year and head onward to their next chapter in life, whatever it might be. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because

Jason and Chelsey // Engagement

Jason and Chelsey are not lacking in the laughter department. The whole time I was with them they were cracking jokes, laughing and playfully teasing each other. Their relationship seems to be built around laughter, and it is evident in their pictures. I am so excited about their wedding next year.

Ron and Kristen // Engagement

Ron and Kristen lite up my camara from the first shot to the last. They have a love for eachother that was impossible not to capture. Their love and joy radiate from each picture:) Ron and Kristen I am so encouraged by your faithfulness and grace upon eachothers lives. Thank you for allowing me to capute your love.

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