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Best of 2014

It has been an incredible year! I am beyond blessed and thankful to have gotten to meet and photograph so many anazing people. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for making 2014 so wonderful. Can't wait to see what 2015 hold. “Pictures could not be accessories to the story -- evidence -- they had to contain the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one frame.” ― Tatjana Soli

Dan & Libby // Personal Session

Dayton is home to one of the biggest Air Forces Bases in the United States, and with that we are home to many people who didn't choose to be here, but were more or less put here. One of those families have become very dear friends of mine. Dan and Libby were placed here after Dan graduated from ROTC out of the University of Maryland. Since being placed here, Dan and Libby have not allowed their transient life to hold them back. Dan and Libby have both continued to further their education, invest in local businesses and develop deep friendships. Life as a military family can be challenging, always knowing in the back of your mind you could be called to move anytime, yet Dan and Libby have not

Chris and Kelsie // Engagement

A few weeks ago I adventured to Columbus for an engagement session with Chris and Kelsie. I quickly realized it was going to be a very fun session; they could not stop giggling and laughing from the very beginning. I enjoyed my time with them so much because their love made everyone around them joyful. They kept apologizing for being silly and laughing and I assured them that I loved it; I loved that I could see their love overflow out of them, that I could see the work the Lord has done in their lives to prepare them for each other and I loved the way their laughter and joy was evident in every picture I snapped. Marriage is not easy, but talking to them between shooting locations I got to

Guindon // Maternity

Having a child is not only a joy but a commandment. The Lord call us to be fruitful and multiply; boy, talk about a daunting task. To have a child means to give up every selfish desire, to give up free time and to begin to live completely for someone else. However, through Christ we have the ability, calling, and motive to bring new life into this world. For Tim and Chelsea having a child was not something they took lightly. They wanted to make sure they could provide a good life and when the Lord called Chelsea to quit her job and work from home they didn't think a baby was in the cards just yet. But the Lord had different plans, Chelsea found out she was pregnant just days after putting in

Cason // Two Year Old Pictures

Cason is a lively, handsome and active TWO year old. He just recently celebrated his second birthday and I had the privilege of taking some pictures of him. While we were at the park, Cason was chatting and playing the whole time. I loved his spirit of adventure and fun, not to mention the teacher in me loved how much he talked and that he even knew his alphabet! Happy Birthday Cason, may two be full of adventure, love and creativity. One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. Agatha Christie

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