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Yoder // Family

Elle and Stephen have two of the sweetest kids I have had the pleasure of photographing. They were animated, adventurous, funny and just down right adorable; they definitely made my drive to Cinncinati totally worth it. I knew Elle from Miami and I have gotten to watch her in many stages of life, and even experience a few of them with her. Ever since finishing college, Facebook has done a great job of keeping me posted with her life happenings. So needless to say, when she emailed me about doing some family pictures, I jumped at the chance. I love being able to connect with people through photography, but I love it all the more when I am able to reconnect with people I know. I love hearing w

Chase // Newborn

Chase entered the world on September 14th, 2015; only 2 days after his mom was supposed to start back to school. Emily was able to attend the first day of school to meet her new 5th graders and then she headed out the door for maternity leave. But based on this cute face, I am not sure she is missing work too much right now. Emily is an incredible person, she has lived a life most would run from; however she is one of the most lively, thankful, spirit-filled and loving people I have ever been honored to call my friend. She is an incredible mother to her daughter and I'm sure she will be equally incredible with Chase. I am so excited to see her and Chip maneuver life with two adorable kids an

Mitch and Raeann // Wedding

Camp is a place unlike any other. No matter the camp, no matter if you have ever stepped foot in that camp before, and no matter the time of life you go to camp, there is this undeniable feeling of value and importance once you step onto the property. As you move though the grounds you will just feel the memories and love that each and every inch of those grounds hold. And it was no different when I got to Otterbein Camp for Mitch and Raeann's wedding. I could feel the memories, the love, the importance of that place to them, and as a camp person myself I could not have been more thrilled to be a part of their big day. Mitch and Raeann met while at counselor training at Otterbein camp, so it

Quinn // Newborn

Cute, adorable, precious and just down right beautiful. Claire and Kevin are the kind of people that if you talk to someone who knows them there is not one bad thing to say about them; putting it in fewer words : the are loved, and loved by many. Kevin and Claire were so kind to ask me into their home last week to take pictures of their growing family. From Cohen meeting me at the front door to the beautiful flowers we used with baby Quinn this session was so fun!

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