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Amanda and LT // Wedding

It might have been cold and rainy on Amanda and LT's wedding day but the wedding itself was anything but cold. Amanda and LT had a lovely, simple country wedding with their closest friends and family. The day was full of people helping to make sure the day went off without a hitch. It was full of love and friendship and Amanda and LT went out of their way to make sure everyone was welcome and to let them know how grateful they were that they had come to celebrate with them. I think it was said best in the maid of honor speech; Amanda is a lover. She loves with her whole soul and she is one of those people you can meet one time and walk away feeling like you have known her your whole life. L

Amanda and LT // Engagement

I have known Amanda since 6th grade and for a good six years of our lives there was never a time we were not at practice together or training together. Between cross country practices and basketball scrimmages we spent a majority of our jr. high and high school years together; often times for better or for worse. During our session together we reminisced about high school and the people we used to be and how we are glad our husbands/fiancées didn't know us in high school and during that time I loved hearing about the person Amanda has become. During our time together, not only was it great to see my high school friend as an adult but it was clear that LT was her perfect companion. Amanda is

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