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Chelsea and Cecil // Wedding

“Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite.” - Unknown Sometimes love finds us in the chaos of life, sometimes if finds us in a quiet moment or in a lifelong friend. For Chelsea and Cecil, love found them in the middle of a restaurant opening in Indiana. Cecil was the kitchen manager of the new Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen in Lafayette, Indiana, and Chelsea had taken a job at the restaurant, working part time because this was her 2nd job. It was there in the midst of normal everyday life they found a love so unexpected. After a season on dating, a dreamy engagement on the beaches of the Dominican Republic and a move to Ohio, Cecil and Chelse

When it Rains, it Pours

Things happen in threes. I am not sure what the odds on this statement are but I feel like more often than not it is true. This weekend was one of those times in our family’s life that this was the case, and that when it rains it pours. This past weekend we were gearing up for a teaching and equipping conference at our church. We are part of the leadership team in our house church (like a bible study) and this conference was the second of four big teaching conference weekends. So Friday afternoon, while I’m feeding Teddy, I see Bilbo, (our dog) at the front door… on the wrong side of it. How he got there, I have no idea. He had been in the backyard most of the day because it had been so nic


Let’s start all the way back at 32 weeks. It was July 5th and I woke up thinking I was having some contractions. I got up, went to the bathroom, drank a whole bottle of water and went back to bed. I had my contraction app open and was getting a little nervous with how often they were occurring. I woke Jon up and called the doctor. She suggested I keep counting contractions and if they don't stop in an hour, then go ahead into the hospital. An hour came and went and contractions were still happening; nothing strong, but they were constant. So with much hesitation we went into the hospital; we were convinced they were going to send us right back home and we would feel ridiculous for going in.

Chandler // Family

When you do a family session at the end of March in Ohio you will have one of two things; either beautiful spring weather with flowers beginning to bloom and warm temperatures or you will have winter holding on with all its might. Unfortunately this year we had the latter. Winter just will not give up; winter weather advisories and snow at the end of March is not how I like to start my spring season. However, with temperatures plummeting into the 20’s and weather calling for a wintery mix, the Chandler Family was not going to give up. We ventured out into the winter and had a great time! We found an indoor location that allowed us some time to warm up before we headed out into the park. Once

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