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Eleanor // Newborn

It is an honor to get asked to take pictures of someone for one major life event, but when they ask you back a second time, well that is just incredible. A few years ago I did Tim and Jenn's wedding photography. You can actually find the link here if you are interested:) But anyways, fast forward a few years and I get a text from Jenn saying they're expecting their first child and wanting to know if I would do some newborn pictures. I quickly jumped at the chance. We talked about due dates and photography options. As the date got closer I realized I would be out of town the day their baby was due. I talked to Jenn and let her know that if the baby came and I was gone I would not be offended

Annie and Nick//Engagement

There does not seem to be much in the midwest that can beat the passions of Ohio State and Michigan fans. It is a long standing rivalry that seems to bring out the most competitive nature even in those who don't necessarily even care about sports. For Ohio State and Michigan fans it is one or the other, there is no middle ground and if you happen to be on the opposing side of a friend or neighbor, well good luck. Like many, this rivalry run deep for Nick and Annie, but for their house on game day things get even more intense, for their house is divided. Annie is an Ohio State fan and Nick roots for the team up north. After being together for many years Nick and Annie only find this rivalry

Rori and Andrew// Wedding

Every love story had a beginning, whether it was that you met in elementary school, online, through a friend, work or college; at one point or another you met for the first time. It is not always flashy, not always love at first sight and not always the easiest road, but it is always worth it. When that someone walks into your life you become a better you, not because they have changed you but because they compliment you so well. Love is not an easy thing; it is not a feeling but rather it is a choice to choose to love someone everyday, no matter what. You choose to love someone who is imperfect, who will upset you and has the potential to hurt you from time to time. Love is a great blessing

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