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Easter Basket 2019

Easter is a gift. It is in fact the ultimate gift; a life, death and resurrection to save those who are so undeserving. Easter is the culmination of Jesus’ work on earth, a short 33 years and only a few years of ministry that led up to a painful death He didn't deserve and a resurrection that paid the price we all deserve: death. Since the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden sin has run rampant thought the world. Pain, sorrow, evil and that feeling that things are not meant to be like this seem to be right around every corner. But because of Jesus we no longer have the payment of death hanging over us; death no longer has its sting and we as believers have a hope knowing that Jes

Mac and Mia // Products: Summer Edition

A few months ago I ordered my first Mac and Mia box. Mac and Mia is a company designed to help moms and dads get hand picked clothing items for their kids. For your first order all you have to do is answer a few questions online about your preferred style, colors and size and they will send you a box of clothes. You have 5 days to try on all the clothes and you keep what you want and send what you don’t want back. I got my first box last fall and LOVED it so, this time around all I had to do was text my stylist Ginna that we were ready for our next box and just 2 days later the box was at my door. So just like last time (click here to see my first box from Mac and Mia) I wanted to share all

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