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Kevin and Samantha // Wedding

My husband and I met Kevin and Sam though Kevin’s sister Molly, whose wedding I shot last May. Molly and her husband Evan are good friends of ours, and we met Kevin in the process of helping them move down to Texas. However, our friendship didn’t blossom until Evan’s bachelor party. Both Jon and Kevin were a part of the wedding party and during a fun-filled trip to Vegas, Jon and Kevin really hit it off. It was not long after that that we met Sam. Sam is a graceful, athletic, beautiful and kind soul. She is creative and generous and we quickly came to realize once Sam is in your life, she is in for the long haul. Kevin and Sam make a beautiful couple; they balance each other out, they striv

Magnolia Rian / Birth Story

Going into my second pregnancy I knew a little bit of what to expect and one of those things was a weekly shot starting around 20 weeks. Since Teddy had been so early, and I didn't have any preexisting conditions, they were going to give me the shots to help prolong the pregnancy. The goal was to get my 37 weeks. However just like with Teddy I found myself in labor and delivery at 32 weeks and testing positive for Fetal Fibronectin; a protein that is released in the uterus that indicates a 50/50 chance of going into labor early. But unlike with Teddy I was not already in labor, so I got my two steroid shots and was sent home; the shots where clearly working! From that point on everyone was s

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