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Amish Country

I have never been, nor do I ever think I will be a writer. For one thing I am a terrible speller and although I teach my students writing, I don't find myself to be wordsmith in the least. With that being said, I think I can handle blogging, especially when it get to talk about all the awesome clients and adventures I get to have as a photographer.

So I figure as my first undertaking as a blogger I would test out my skills by blogging about an amazing trip my husband and I took this past weekend with some great friends of ours. And let me just preface this with, this was no typical 20 somethings trip ;) Many 20 somethings, well they hit up casinos and racetracks, or hit up Vages and still others might adventure to Nashville or Gatlinburg for a long weekend; isntead we hit up Amish Country!

We enjoyed our stay at The Barn Inn B&B in the Farm house.


And if you ever plan a trip to Millersburg I can not recommend this place highly enough. Paul and Loretta have a beautiful barn and Loretta is one amazing cook. Each morning we ate a sensational meal and enjoyed hearing Paul and Loretta talk about the Amish culture. They were friendly, helpful and incredibly personable. If you ever get the chance to stay there, DO IT.

Millersburg, Ohio is only a three hour dirve from us in Dayton, so we left Friday morning and got to our destination by noon. We started out at Hershberger Farm, where we saw the biggerst horse in Holmes County, met some darling little puppies, ate a delicious lunch, and then enjoyed FRY PIES. And if you know me at all you know i LOVE Fry Pies.


From there we went toThe Farm at Walnut Creek. This is an Amish-run farm in Holmes County. Here you can take a wagon ride through a beautiful farm where you have the chance to feed and pet some exotic animals such as elk, zebra, llama, texas long horns, water buffilo and my favorite, giraffes! If animals are not your thing, you can tour an Amish home and enjoy a complimentary cookie from the kitchen. The Farm at Walnut creek is a BEAUTIFUL place to enjoy with kids or as an adult. And if you are worried about the guys, dont worry they will enjoy themself too!


Saturday we enjoyed a morning spent in Berlin where we did some shopping in local stores and a few antique malls. After a quick snack at the Pretzel Nook (which was AMAZING) we ventured over to Heini's Cheese and sampled our fill of some outstanding cheese. And I warn you now, if you go you will not leave with only one cheese ( and not to mention, there fudge -- INCREDIBLE). After we had our fill of cheese we headed back to the Barn B&B for a relaxing night in with some pasta ( Homemade Pasta bought from Miller's Bakery).

Sunday Morning we enjoyed another amazing breakfast at The Barn Inn B&B and then started our journey home. However, being in Holmes County I could not leave without stopping by Skyview Ranch. This is a summer camp where I worked for two years during college and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I loved seeing some old friends and walking around the property reminicsing and simply taking in the beauty Skyview has to offer.


After taking a few pictures with my hubby, we headed to Millersburg for one last stop - Millersburg Brewery for the boys.


This local brewery offered more than 10 varieties of locally brewed beer, and from the information I gathered from the boys, it was good. It was reasonably priced and the boys got to enjoy a sampler of many of the brews. From there we finished our venture home.

Over all the weekend was fantastic. We got to experience incredible food, great scenery and good friends.


Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog!!! Please let me know what you think, again I am not a wordsmith and I debated whether this post was too long or not. I would love tips and tricks if anyone wants to share!


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