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Chris and Kelsie // Engagement

A few weeks ago I adventured to Columbus for an engagement session with Chris and Kelsie. I quickly realized it was going to be a very fun session; they could not stop giggling and laughing from the very beginning. I enjoyed my time with them so much because their love made everyone around them joyful. They kept apologizing for being silly and laughing and I assured them that I loved it; I loved that I could see their love overflow out of them, that I could see the work the Lord has done in their lives to prepare them for each other and I loved the way their laughter and joy was evident in every picture I snapped. Marriage is not easy, but talking to them between shooting locations I got to see a piece of their heart, that they are not looking for easy. They are looking to glorify the Lord; they desire to serve him well and to build their marriage around him and that will make for a beautiful marriage. Congrats Chris and Kelsie!

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