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Lauren & Justin // Family

I love being a photographer, I love meeting new people and experiencing a little bit of their life even for just a short time. I also love coming along side other photographers in Dayton and learning from them, building a community amoung other people who love what I love. As a photographer you take a lot of pictures, but the funny thing is you are never actually in any of them. I have hundreds even thousands of pictures on my computer, yet very few are actually of my husband and I ( that are not selfies).

So a friend of mine Lauren from Wifestyles, who is also a photographer and whom I have had the pleaser of working with, came up with the idea of doing a photo swap, if I took picture of her family should would take picture of my husband and myslef. Such a fun idea right! So we took time out of our Saturday a few weeks ago and had a great time just taking fun pictures of each other.

First I took some of Lauren and her husband Justin and their ADORABLE son Liam!

Then Lauren took some of Jon and I!! She took all the pictures and I was able to edit them myself:) Thanks Lauren for such a fun day, we love the pictures you captured of us <3


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