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Kelsie and Chris // Wedding

Kelsie and Chris are two of the more genuine, funny, outgoing, loving and caring people I have met. Kelsie went to high school with my husband Jon, and Jon has been close to Kelsie and her family ever since. I was honored to be a part of their wedding, not only as a guest but as the photographer. So this wedding was not just another on the calendar, but was close to my heart.

Kelsie and Chris met while Chris was coaching Kelsie's brother's lacrosse team. Chris was also leading Young Life at the time and was often over at Kelsie's house to meet with Alex and hang out. However, that turned into Chris and Kelsie sitting in the kitchen of Kelsie's house and talking all night. That night turned into what Chris thought was a first date at a restaurant in Columbus called Local Roots (Kelsie was not on the same page as she thought the "date" was a meeting to talk about Younglife camp; she even showed up with a notebook). Lucky for them, that is not where their story ended.

On June 26, Chris and Kelsie tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at their church in Columbus. They then celebrated with family and friends at their reception. It was a night full of love, laughter and most importantly glory to the God whom both Kelsie and Chris serve. Their wedding was centered around Jesus and the call He has put on their lives to marry and to serve the city of Columbus together. They desire to love the city of Columbus by showing it the saving grace of Jesus.

Chris and Kelsie, you are going to do amazing things for the city of Columbus and the kingdom of God. I am so excited to see how the Lord chooses to use you now as a married couple!! Cheers!

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