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Kohen // Newborn

Tim and Jenna welcomed baby Kohen into the world on June 21, 2015. And yes that date should sound familiar; it was Father's Day.

I have known Tim and Jenna for a while now, they got married in May 2012, just a few weeks before Jon and I. I had the privilege of photographing them in January 2014 when they moved into their first house and this time I was honored to photograph them as new parents.

I remember last fall talking to Tim and Jenna at a festival with our friends Tim and Chelsea, who knew at the time that they were pregnant, Tim and Jenna told us they were not ready to have kids and that maybe it would be a while still before they started trying. Then come winter, they announced they were pregnant... little did we know baby Kohen was already on the heart of Tim and Jenna. He has been prayed over, thought about and loved from the second his parents decided to follow the Lord into parenthood.

Baby Kohen is loved, not only by his parents but by Christ Jesus. We pray over his life, that he may know the Lord who created him and that he may come to follow him and be a man of God.

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