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Whittaker // First Birthday

The Zinck Family is a military family in Dayton to complete AFIT. Like many families in Dayton, they don't really know what the future holds for them since they are a part of the military. However, they do know they have two beautiful and fun kids who are the light of their lives.

When I arrived to the park for our session I was excited to meet Brittany and her family after having e-mailed her several times over the previous weeks. Once I arrived I was greeted by Emerson, a spunky little girl who proceeded to bring me a stick as a welcome gift. I knew at the moment it was going to be a great session! Emerson and Whittaker were fun, smily and so silly, making for the perfect family session. Once we took some family pictures, it was time to celebrate Whittaker's first birthday with his family. Brittany brought out a yummy watermelon cake with coconut frosting and blueberry garnish (YUMMM). With two hands Whittaker took to the cake with force, and although there was not icing to cover his hands and face, the juice from the watermelon was a great substitute.

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