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Lincoln // Newborn

Collette and Jonathan welcomed their second son into the world on June 25, 2015. I was honored to take some newborn and family pictures once everyone got home and things settled down.

I have know Collette and Jonathan a little while through friends who lead YoungLife. Collette also teaches in the same school district as me. I have been able to get to know them better over the last few months, and they are outgoing, funny, positive, outstanding individuals who love Jesus and love the high school students they work with through YoungLife. They strive to see high schoolers come to know the Lord and it is so cool to see those high schoolers turn right around and love on this little family so much. Collette and Jonathan have an older son Lucas who is spunky, loves bubbles and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, but the coolest things is to see how many adults love that child with such selfless love, who babysit for Jonathan and Collette while they have date night or go to YoungLife events. And the love only grew as they welcomed home baby Lincoln.

Collette and Jonathan are an incredible couple, but they are also incredible parents. They speak kindly, love fiercely, demonstrate peace and they follow Jesus. I know I am not the only one praying along side them that their two sweet boys would grow to love Jesus, follow Him and become men who strive to make His name great.

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