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Kristen and Ron // Wedding

Kristen and Ron meet in Traverse City, Michigan, while on summer project with CRU. They spent their summer working, exploring and getting to know each other. The year following their time on summer project, Kristen transferred home to go to school at Wright State. Conviently enough, that was where Ron attended school! And lucky for Kristen, she met Ron right before turning Amish ;)

Kristen and Ron tied the knot together with their family and friends in an outdoor, laid back Friday night wedding. The day was full of love, excitement and a little bit of heat. With a ceremony centered around their love for the Lord and their desire to follow Him wherever he leads them, everyone could see that this wedding was not just a formality but rather a depiction of Chirst and His church. Kristen and Ron had individualy decided to follow the Lord and now they have the joy to follow him as a team. They have a heart to see their family and friends come to know the Lord, and to point each other back to the grace and love of the Lord.

It was my honor and my joy to be a part of their big day!

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