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Mitch and Raeann // Wedding

Camp is a place unlike any other. No matter the camp, no matter if you have ever stepped foot in that camp before, and no matter the time of life you go to camp, there is this undeniable feeling of value and importance once you step onto the property. As you move though the grounds you will just feel the memories and love that each and every inch of those grounds hold. And it was no different when I got to Otterbein Camp for Mitch and Raeann's wedding. I could feel the memories, the love, the importance of that place to them, and as a camp person myself I could not have been more thrilled to be a part of their big day. Mitch and Raeann met while at counselor training at Otterbein camp, so it was incredibly special to see their relationship come full circle as they got married in the same place they first met.

Cheers to you Mitch and Raeann; it was an honor to capture your big day. May the Lord protect and keep you!

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