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Yoder // Family

Elle and Stephen have two of the sweetest kids I have had the pleasure of photographing. They were animated, adventurous, funny and just down right adorable; they definitely made my drive to Cinncinati totally worth it.

I knew Elle from Miami and I have gotten to watch her in many stages of life, and even experience a few of them with her. Ever since finishing college, Facebook has done a great job of keeping me posted with her life happenings. So needless to say, when she emailed me about doing some family pictures, I jumped at the chance. I love being able to connect with people through photography, but I love it all the more when I am able to reconnect with people I know. I love hearing where life has taken people and not just see it on Facebook. Elle and Stephen have a great story, they have a great love and they have two children that are more loved then they could ever imagine!

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