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Alex // Senior

Alex is a part of a family that has come to mean a great deal to me. Little did I know that when I married Jon, I would not only get in-laws, but I would also get the Cash family. My husband Jon has known the Cash family since high school; he practically lived at their house for much of high school. So when I married Jon in 2012, I also grew to love this family. They have not only been a source of great friendship to Jon and I, but they have also trusted me to not only take Alex's senior pictures this year, but also to take their daughter Manda's senior pictures in 2013, as well as just a few months ago they had me capture their daughter Kelsie's wedding. I am so so thankful for their trust in me to capture so many important events is this family's life, but I am even more thankful for the friendship and love I am able to give and receive from this entire family.

Alex is the baby of the family and his three older sisters just adore him. He is caring and sympathetic and he has a huge heart for the people in his life. Alex is fiercely loyal. Then not to mention he is an incredible athlete. He plays soccer and lacrosse for Worthington Kilbourne and is going to continue his lacrosse carer at Robert Morris University in the fall.

Cheers to you Alex, you are an incredible human and the many people in your life have only great things to say about you. Continue to reflect Christ and love him well. You will do great things!

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