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Matt and Molly // Wedding

Matt and Molly got engaged just over a year ago at Hills and Dales Metro Park in Kettering, Ohio. They tied the knot on October 10th, 2015. Their day was picture perfect; every detail had been thought through, every flower was in place and the weather was perfect!

Matt and Molly met while participating in the Kettering City Schools Bowling League. Matt was a teacher at the Kettering Fairmont High School while Molly was subbing in the district. He first saw her while she was subbing at the high school one day. When Molly got a full time job in Kettering she joined the bowling league for some fun and relaxation. Lucky for her, Matt was also participating in the same bowling league, and to Matt's joy the pretty high school sub was no longer a pretty stranger but a friend. And the rest is history.

Congrats Matt and Molly, may you have many, many years of love, laughter and maybe a few games of bowling.

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