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Singleton // Family

This family; what can I say, they are incredible humans. Melanie is one of the paraprofessionals in my classroom at school; she is loving, kind, caring and compassionate. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have had the pleasure to know in this life. She cares so deeply about others and the kids in our classroom adore her. She has faced trial after trial this year and I am not sure there has been a day she has not come in smiling, giving our students hugs and love and continuing to encourage me as a young teacher. She is an outstanding human and her family is nothing short of awesome!

During our session we went to Sugarcreek Metropark as this is a location that means a great deal to Melanie and her family. Throughout the whole session they were laughing together, teasing each other and being completely genuine with me. They had me lauging and smiling the whole time. This family is a beautiful depiction of love. It was my honor and joy to be asked to take pictures of this family. They truely love each other and it was beautiful to capture.

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