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Tim and Jen // Wedding

My last wedding of the season was nothing short of magical. Jen and Tim put their heart into their wedding; they were excited to celebrate with friends and family and it was an honor to be a part of their day.

Tim and Jen met on a blind date set up by friends. It was a date that would last 7 hours; 7 hours of talking and laughing. From there, their relationship just grew, and their families quickly realized this was not just a casual relationship but one that was destined to be great.

Throughout the wedding the only thing I kept thinking was how Tim and Jen are so loved. Everyone from their families, and all of their guests and the bridal party kept telling me how special this day was, how special Tim and Jen are and how honored they felt to be a part of their day. The words spoken throughout the day just heightened that feeling of love. Jen's father talked about how proud he was of Jen, how hard a worker she is and how special she was to him. Tim's brother spoke so highly of Tim that by the end of the speech I thought I had known him for years. But most of all, everyone spoke about Tim and Jen's hearts, how they are kind, caring, great listeners (and great talkers) and how they love those in their lives so well.

Cheers to you Tim and Jen, I was honored to celebrate with you!

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