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Alex and Justin//Engagement

"When two hearts beat as one and they both attended Miami, it's a Miami Merger." - Anonymous

Did you know that 14% of Miami Alumni are married to another Miami Alumni? Miami is known to have one of the highest percentages of married alumni. Miami University even holds the world record for the most couples renewing their wedding vows at once. Guinness recognized this in 2009 during an Alumni Weekend. 1,087 couples participated, breaking the previous record of 624. Alex and Justin both graduated from Miami University, and in a few short weeks they will be adding to the number of Miami alumni that marry another Miami alumni, becoming Miami Mergers themselves.

Upon graduation these two set off with Cru to do a short term international team (STINT) to bring the Gospel to college students in Fiji. They spent a year together sharing the gospel and getting to know each other. Alex and Justin started dating shortly after returning home from Fiji.

Alex and Justin got engaged just a few days after Valentine's day. Justin took Alex on a scavenger hunt around Oxford and ended at the Church they attended while in college. Justin did such a good job of keeping the proposal a secret that at first Alex didn't even realize he was proposing. Once Alex figured out what was going on, she happily gave Justin the "Yes" he had been waiting to hear. Now only a few weeks out from their wedding they could not be more excited to start life together.

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