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Sarah and Scotty // Engagement

“To think in such a place I led such a life” - Dr. Shriver

Sarah and Scotty met while attending Miami University. Sarah was an undergrad working on her music teaching degree and Scotty was working on his graduate degree in Music production. And while Scotty is a self proclaimed “fake Miamian”, Sarah and Scotty will join the ranks of many Miami Mergers come next spring!

Sarah and Scotty now reside in Cincinnati, Ohio where Sarah teaches Middle School Music and Scotty is a free lance musician. They are planning a wedding, enjoying a new house and celebrating the beautiful life that is before them. I am so pumped for Sarah and Scotty, I am excited to see where life takes them, how they use their passions to impact the world around them and I am excited to see their love grow and grow over the many years ahead of them!

Cheers to you Sarah and Scotty! I am so excited for your life together and honored that I get a chance to capture your big day in a few short months!!

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