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Georgieanna // 1 Year

“To love another human in all of her splendor and imperfect perfection , it is a magnificent task...tremendous and foolish and human.” ― Louise Erdrich

Georgieanna is one of the most loving children I have ever met. She had me holding her in between pictures and while her parents were getting props and reaching for me when I was just standing next to her. Not many kids are as loving as her and I was not about to pass up the chance to hold a sweet little one! She had me smiling from ear to ear; she was just such a joy to be around. I have a feeling as she grows up this gift will just continue to grow. She will be an extraordinary person, someone who loves, accepts, learns and pushes those around her to do the same and to be better. She will be someone we want to be like and be around. Georgieanna will make this earth a better place to be, simply because of her kind and gentle spirit.

Georgianna, may your gifts abound all the more and may your life be one of great joy.

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