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Molly and Rob // Wedding

With my first wedding of the season just a few weeks away I am throwing it back to one of the weddings I did back in 2016 that never made it onto the blog for one reason or another.

When I think about some of the weddings that never got highlighted in my blog, one of the first ones I always think of is Molly and Rob. Molly and Rob got married in the fall of 2016 and I think this wedding stands out so much to me because it was so fun! It was not only fun for me but the guests were treated to a true celebration.

Molly and Rob were from Michigan but got married at the Greek Orthodox Church in Downtown Dayton. And with the Dayton Art Institute as our background we were able to capture some truly beautiful photos before the ceremony. The ceremony was full of beautiful traditions including weddings candles, a wedding crown, and the wedding walk. All of these traditions are beautiful symbols of Christ and the union between two people of faith. This was a unique experience for me because I had been to several Greek Orthodox church services before, but not a wedding. Following the ceremony Molly and Rob had a cocktail hour with featured drinks from the Dayton Cocktail company and enjoyed mingling with guests in celebration of their marriage.

Following the cocktail hour the reception officially began and it was clear that people truly love Molly and Rob. The way they were spoken about in various speeches and toasts made it evident that they were not just stand-up people, but that they were generous, kind and loved (very very loved!). It is always a privilege to be asked to be a part of someone’s wedding but this one felt different; I felt lucky to be asked to capture such a sweet love story. So after tears were shed and speeches and dinner were done, the party started! Like most weddings there was a dance floor full of people, but unlike most weddings there was a live Greek band playing music and in true Greek fashion, dancing is never just casual; it is an event. There was money flying, Greek dancing circling the whole room and there I was standing on a chair in the middle of the room trying to capture this glorious, grand event taking place before my eyes and before I knew it I was being pulled into the line with them, dancing and celebrating.

I think this wedding will always stand out to me. All weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and each wedding is unique but I am not sure anyone knows how to party better than the Greeks.

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