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Chandler // Family

When you do a family session at the end of March in Ohio you will have one of two things; either beautiful spring weather with flowers beginning to bloom and warm temperatures or you will have winter holding on with all its might. Unfortunately this year we had the latter. Winter just will not give up; winter weather advisories and snow at the end of March is not how I like to start my spring season. However, with temperatures plummeting into the 20’s and weather calling for a wintery mix, the Chandler Family was not going to give up.

We ventured out into the winter and had a great time! We found an indoor location that allowed us some time to warm up before we headed out into the park. Once in the park, coats got stripped off between pictures and some coats got swapped which led to one of the guys wearing a woman’s coat. Once we could not stand the cold anymore, we went and sought shelter in the greenhouse. The greenhouse helped provide that spring feel that was lacking in this spring family session. We found beautiful shades of green, blooming flowers and warm temperatures.

The Chandler family photos was such a fun way to start off the year. Despite the weather they were fun and easy going, taking it all in stride and creating a fun environment. The temperatures might have been cold but the family was nothing but warm.

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