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Heather and Donn // Engagement

“ I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.” - Robert Brown

Heather and Donn waited for love and once they found it, it was more sweet and more lovely than they could have imagined. I met with Heather back in late summer of 2017, and I remember sitting with her and just being struck by how radiant she was when she would talk about Donn. She spoke of him with such respect and joy that I felt like I knew him, but it was not till this past weekend that I actually did. Seeing him and Heather together was something so sweet.

Many of us find love young and with that comes a kind of forgetfulness as to what it is like to be in that season of waiting. Heather and Donn chose to wait. They waited for each other, they never settled, they never gave up and the Lord has been so faithful to them in the process. It was clear to me just talking to Heather that her and Donn had something special, something worth sharing and finally seeing them together only made me realize that more. They might have waited but they are no less in love and no less giddy for their wedding than two twenty-somethings might be. I think maybe they even value what they have all the more; they are established and have careers but now they get to share all of that together. They have seen a lot of life without each other and now they simply want to do life together, united and simply in love.

Donn and Heather get married in just a few short days. They are excited to share the day with family and friends, and as one of those married twenty-somethings, their love reminds me all the more to cherish my husband, to love him fiercely because love finds people at different places and no place is better than the other.

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