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UD Graduation Pictures

Four years ago the mom of my friend Ashley asked me to take some senior pictures of her youngest daughter Manda. Let me backtrack just a little; this family has not been in my life long, but my husband loves this family something fierce. Jon grew up with Ashley and spent a good portion of his high school life at Ashley’s house. Jon lovingly refers to Ashley's mom as Mama Cash and I was almost as nervous to meet her as I was to meet Jon’s actual parents because I knew how much Jon loved her and her family. So when she asked me to take Manda’s senior pictures I knew I had made it. :) Since then I have taken her youngest son’s senior pictures as well, and photographed her daughter Kelsie’s wedding and I have grown to love this family just as much as Jon does.

So fast forward a little and Manda is now graduating from the University of Dayton. Manda contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would take some pictures of her and her friends around UD before they all part ways and of course I said yes! And it was a blast walking around campus with her and her friends, hearing them reminisce about their time there and what they were doing next, and I can tell you right now they are going to do great things.

Manda’s time at UD is coming to an end, so I can’t help and look back on the time we got to spend with her. We saw her play softball, she lived in our basement for a summer, we ate delicious meals together, she babysat our son and now she is off to another great adventure in Switzerland. Jon and I could not be more excited for her. Watching her grow from a senior in high school to a senior in college has been a joy and having had the chance to photograph and document both chapters in her life has been an honor.

So cheers to all the grads, but especially to these five girls! Well done and Congratulations!

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