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Connelly // Family

It is fun to watch a family grow. It is fun to see them transition from a couple without children to expecting their first child, then to see them bring that sweet baby into the world and discover what it looks like for them to be parents. Then to see them flourish as parents, and then continue to grow into parents of two beautiful children.

I have had the honor and privilege of seeing this family grow, not only professionally from behind my lens but personally too! I have gotten to photograph so many milestones in their lives and the lives of their children. I have seen their house transform from an adult oasis to a house full of bows and toys. I have seem Liz and Ryan grow and mature and love on their sweet daughters in a way that shows them what love is and how a girl should be cared for. They handle life with two kids with such grace and dignity and it has been an honor to see it first hand.

This last week I got to photograph the family with Liz’s mom and dad, I was able to watch such sweet interaction between the girls and their parents and grandparents, who obviously had some sweet nicknames. One of the many reasons I love lifestyle photography is for this very reason, to see families connect and get to share in their love for a short time. From being called, “nice lady” to likamos, my time with this family is never short of life, love and so much laughter.

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