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Evie // Newborn

Bringing a baby into the world is no small feat. You can quickly become overwhelmed with what your life now looks like, the changes you are going through physically and emotionally, and the advice from friends, family and even strangers. So instead I want to simply pray over this new family. Pray for this sweet little one who has made it earth side and this family that the Lord has blessed her with this side of glory.

Father God,

Thank you for sweet Evie! There is no greater gift, next to salvation, this side of heaven that is sweeter than the blessing of new life.. An image bearer of the almighty God sent in the smallest of packages, with perfect little fingers and toes, with sweet new baby smell and love unmatched. It’s a wonderful kind of overwhelmed.

Please bless this baby, Father God. Place a hedge of protection around her, may she come to know you and walk with you all the days of her life. Keep her safe and healthy, Father. May she know she is deeply and wholly and forever loved – first by You, and then by so many others. Bless Evie, Father, and bless Ashton and Ryan. Help them adjust to their new normal, guiding and shepherding Evie in faith and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Give them the rest, strength and energy only found in you. Place your hand upon their home until your return.

Thank you Father, for Evie’s life. We praise and thank You for Your good and perfect creation.


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