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Josh and Annika // Wedding

I’m crazy about you. You’re my very first love, and I feel like telling everyone how wonderful you make me feel.” - anonymous

All weddings are beautifully unique, they all speak to who the couple is, what they value and how they want to start this chapter of their lives together. A wedding with several hundred guests is no better or worse than a small intimate family wedding; a wedding with a plated dinner is no more or less “successful” than a wedding with a buffet. All weddings are beautiful pictures of love found in a world full of skeptics and, often times, darkness. Weddings are a light of hope that love still exists and it is worth celebrating.

This wedding in particular was extra special and it was not because of the donuts (even though donuts are my love language). This one was extra special because the groom is not only a friend but part of my family. My cousin Josh got married to his beautiful bride and we could not be happier to have Annika join our crazy family!

Josh and Annika met while attending Wright State University. They both were part of Christians on Campus and quickly found out they had more in common than they thought. Josh and Annika actually had attended the same high school but didn’t know each other while there. They quickly made a connection and following their first date they never looked back.

Josh and Annika got married on June 29th, 2018. They celebrated with family and close friends, they wrote their own vows and washed each others’ feet. They desired for each guest to hear about Jesus and to start their marriage under the banner of servanthood the way Jesus served during his time on earth. They followed the ceremony with a sweet brunch full of waffles, bacon and donuts!

Cheers to you, Josh and Annika. May you have many year of love and adventure ahead of you! And Annika, welcome to the family!

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