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Maddi and Gage // Wedding

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. Desmond Tutu

There is something so special about being invited into someone's family, into the intimate moments of someone's life and having the privilege of capturing those moments is something I love about photography. Not every wedding I photograph do I feel like I become part of the family, and that is okay; by no means do I ever expect to be invited into such intimacy; I am there to care for them on their special day, not the other way around. At this wedding though, Maddi and Gage along with their families invited me in.

I have been excited for this wedding for a long time. Maddi’s mom, Christi, is one of my friends from when I was a teacher. Christi is one of the most motherly and loving people I have ever know. She became a fast friend and confidant while I was teaching and I am pretty sure I started each day by stopping in her room before students arrived because I knew she would make me smile and help start my day off in the most positive way. So when she told us her daughter got engaged and asked me about photography I was so pumped! I know this wedding would be full of love, emotion, Jesus and really what could be better than that. And let me tell you, Maddi and Gage’s wedding did not disappoint.

Maddi and Gage are so loved. Both of their dads gave speeches at the reception and there was not a dry eye in the house. The father/daughter dance and mother/son dance was one of emotion and deep embraces. Family is not only something both Maddi and Gage value because their parents value it but it is something they live out, something that is deeply treasured. Each person at their wedding was treated like family, and being invited into that was something special because they are something special.

Maddi and Gage, thank you for having me at your wedding, it was truly an honor to capture your wedding. I am excited for whatever life has next for you because you have one of the best family units I have ever seen. Congratulations again, may life be good to you and may life together be sweeter each and every day because the two of you are pretty darn great.

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