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Kelly and Miles // Wedding

One of the questions I get asked most often is if I get tired of photographing weddings and my answer has always been and will continue to be NO WAY. I love photographing weddings, every couple has such a different story from how they met, to how they ended up at the altar and each story is so beautiful. I love being a part of the story, even for a short time, entering into someones story is such an honor for me and to be trusted with something so important is never something I take lightly.

Another reason I love weddings is because every couple will always find a way to make their wedding unique to them. From choreographed dances, to singing maids of honor to personalized vows or dogs as ring bearers, I love encountering the uniqueness of humanity and I don’t think there is a better place than a wedding to do that. Miles and Kelly were no different; they found a way to make their wedding so uniquely beautiful to the family they were binding and building.

Miles and Kelly were entering into a marriage relationship with two beautiful children, one from a previous relationship and one of their own. However, they didn't want to overlook the significance of binding their new family together, so not only did Miles say his vows to Kelly but he also said his vows to his daughter and Kelly not only said her vows to Miles but she said them to her now son. It was a beautifully touching moment, something so personal and beautiful, you felt lucky to watch. But that was not the only special thing they did for their children; during the father daughter dance Kelly invited all father and daughter pairs to join her and her father on the dance floor, so that included now Miles and their daughter ( queue tears) and during the Groom and mother dance Miles invited all mother and son pair to join them, which now included Kelly and her now son ( all.the.tears).

How could I ever get bored with photographing weddings when I get to witness this kind of love and joy. Weddings are not common things, binding yourself to another person in marriage is a huge responsibility, something that should be considered before entering into and when you choose to love someone and make that vow and covenant to them that is something worth being a part of.

So my answer is no, no I do not get tired of photographing weddings, it is the biggest honor and something i never take lightly and something I love being apart of. Thank you Miles and Kelly for allowing me to enter into your beautiful love story and your family for the day; I wish you all the best!


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