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Eleanor // Newborn

It is an honor to get asked to take pictures of someone for one major life event, but when they ask you back a second time, well that is just incredible. A few years ago I did Tim and Jenn's wedding photography. You can actually find the link here if you are interested:) But anyways, fast forward a few years and I get a text from Jenn saying they're expecting their first child and wanting to know if I would do some newborn pictures. I quickly jumped at the chance. We talked about due dates and photography options. As the date got closer I realized I would be out of town the day their baby was due. I talked to Jenn and let her know that if the baby came and I was gone I would not be offended if she found someone else. Her response almost brought me to tears. She was so gracious and informed me that if I was still out of town when the baby was born they would just wait till I got back. She didn't have to do that, and I am fully aware of that.

So after I hopped off a plane, I got a few hours of sleep and then found myself in the presence of this sweet angel. Tim and Jenn were so proud to show off their sweet girl, and can you blame them!? Just look at her sweet face and all that hair! Eleanor has a beautiful temperament and was the perfect little baby model. There is nothing quite like the first days home with a new baby and I hope Tim and Jenn treasure these for a long time to come!

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood, you two are already amazing parents!

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