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Dan and Libby // Maternity

Friendship is one of life's best gifts and I truly believe that some friendships are meant to last forever. Dan and Libby are some of those friends to my husband and I. We met Dan and Libby right after we got married in 2012; Dan was stationed here with the Air Force and Libby was finishing up some work in Maryland before they got married and she joined him in Dayton. And I know for a fact Libby was not super pumped to be moving to Dayton, but that was the job assignment and soon Libby came around and coined Dayton as " not as bad as you think it is". After a 5 years stay in Ohio, Dan and Libby found themselves off to the desert.

Dan and Libby walked with Jon and I through much of early marriage; buying our first houses, Jon and I trying to get pregnant, Libby getting her masters and then her PhD and Dan moving to the desert several months before Libby. We spent many great seasons together but we also walked through dark seasons of life together. Friends like them are hard to come by and we were not going to let moving across the country take that friendship from us.

Back in the summer, when Libby came back to Ohio to defend her PhD thesis, she dropped the bomb that she was pregnant. This was something we had talked about a lot for the majority of our friendship, but it was still a shock. A great shock. The words had hardly slipped out of her mouth and I was ugly crying in the middle of a bar. So Jon and I quickly decided we needed to go visit them before the baby came and how could I ever resist taking maternity pictures of one of my best friends out in the desert!

Dan and Libby, you are top notch friends and I am so glad our paths crossed all those years ago. You are people of hard work, character, faith, smarts and deep devotion and you are going to make amazing parents. That sweet boy won the parent lottery and I cant wait to meet him!

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