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Best of 2018 Weddings

With the 2018 wedding season over, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite images from this season. This season was my biggest wedding season to date, I personally shot 13 weddings and second shot a handful of others. Thirteen might not seem like a lot to you but to me it is a huge accomplishment. My little business started on the floor of my husband and I’s first apartment, I was so hesitant to step out and fearful that nothing would ever come of this dream. But the dream was to great and fear enevidably lost and I am so glad it did. To think I was dreaming that one day I would be trusted to capture one weddings and now to be here is truly a grace.

I am a teacher by trade, I didn't go to school for photography and I have learned all I know from other great photographers and taking the time to learn and teach myself. This last march I resigned from my teaching position to stay home with my son, and that meant our finances took a bit of a hit. When you go from a two person income to a one person income things get a little tighter, but thanks to my brides (and other families who have trusted me with capture some of life's biggest events) I have been able to continue to help financially while staying home with our son. That is not something I take lightly and something I am give thanks for everyday. I say it all the time but to be trusted with capture a wedding or new baby, senior pictures or just this stage in a families life is such a great honor but also a great responsibility, I want to capture your story, your life in a pure and genuine way and to get to do that 13 times this year is mind blowing to me.

So with 13 weddings I had a lot of images to choose from and it was no easy task picking favorites because each wedding is special and each wedding captures something unique to each couple, so I went and just picked 3 favorites for each category. But to each of my brides this year I continue to say thank you. Thank you for letting me enter into your love story, thank you for trusting me with your wedding day and thank you for treating me like family when you didn’t have to. Each one of you had a beautifully unique wedding, many of them brought me to tear at one point or another, many inspired me and reminded me of my own vows and every single one of you gave me hope that love is still alive and you will seize it. I can’t wait to see how your families grow and change over the years to come and know I am always rooting you on.


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