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Best of 2018 // Lifestyle

From babies to proposals, from kids to college graduations, 2018 was full of life and I can’t believe how much of it I got to capture. With 2018 behind us and 2019 lying in wait, I could not help but reminisce on the beauty 2018 brought. So many of you asked me to be apart of some aspect of you life and I am so thankful I was able to capture these moments for you. You all made my 2018 full of love, laughter, joy and gave me all the baby fever.

2018 was a busy year for our family personally; it was also at many times a very dark year. We struggled as many of our friends moved, I struggled to fight anxiety and we battled to connect as a couple with a growing family but in the midst of all that I found so much joy and peace behind the camera. I was encouraged by love during proposals, I found laughter in family sessions and found a little extra peace holding your sweet babies and kids. So from my family to yours, thank you for the endless love, support and encouragement, even when you didn't know you were breathing life into my body.

With that being said, here are a few of my favorites from 2018. I could have literally posted full galleries but I tried to pull only a few from each category. And to anyone who didn’t make it on the list don’t for one second think it is just I didn’t love your session, because I did; it is more likely I forgot it was from this year, mom brain is real and the struggle is real. But for real, thank you to all my clients this year, I love you all and am beyond grateful for you! I hope you all have a great 2019!







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