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Mac and Mia // Products: Summer Edition

A few months ago I ordered my first Mac and Mia box. Mac and Mia is a company designed to help moms and dads get hand picked clothing items for their kids. For your first order all you have to do is answer a few questions online about your preferred style, colors and size and they will send you a box of clothes. You have 5 days to try on all the clothes and you keep what you want and send what you don’t want back. I got my first box last fall and LOVED it so, this time around all I had to do was text my stylist Ginna that we were ready for our next box and just 2 days later the box was at my door. So just like last time (click here to see my first box from Mac and Mia) I wanted to share all our goodies with you because they are 1. Super cute, 2. Super functional and 3. I don’t want you to miss out on getting $20 off your first box!

Upon opening my box I found the helpful shoppers guide with pricing for each item, check out instructions and the return label with shipping bag. Also let me add: shipping both ways is FREE. This box was a little bit different that the first box I got last fall. Because it was the fall there was a variety of layering pieces that w

ent along with the shirts and t-shirts. This time around it was much more summer focused, light fabrics, breathable items that can withstand the Ohio humidity and for that I was very grateful. Not only was my stylist thinking about the cuteness of an item she also thinks about the functionality/practicality of the items during specific times of the year. With all that said, my box for the summer contained 2 pairs of shorts, 6 short sleeve shirts, 2 tank tops and the most adorable baby sunglasses. As I unpacked each piece of clothing I felt like it only got cuter and even my husband commented on a few of the items. I recognized brands that I had gotten in my first box and I still could not get over just how soft (like SO SOFT) the materials where. Each piece was so unique and they are incredibly functional for my 20 month old who is always on the move! I was able to pair up several of the shirts and shorts to make more than 10 outfits with just 2 pairs of shorts!

Mac and Mia has a $20 styling fee and they won’t charge you for items up front—you only pay for what you keep. If you choose to keep two or more items in your box, your $20 styling fee will applied to your total purchase. Keep the whole box and save 15% at checkout! Likewise, you can request your next box any time, there’s no obligation and no subscription or monthly/bi-monthly commitment. But the best news is if you use my link here for your first box, you will get a $20 credit to be used on your first box and you will also be matched with my INCREDIBLE stylist Ginna! And those of you who are thinking this is just for babies you could not be more wrong! Mac and Mia can supply all your needs up to age 10!! So if you are in the market for the next size up for your child, some new school cloths or a incredible, thoughtful gift I HIGHLY recommend Mac and Mia, I will definitely be keeping many of my pieces from this box as well and will continue to get boxes in the future!

Here is a little peek at my box!! Any guesses on the pieces we are going to keep? Please feel free to ask questions about our experience in the comments!

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