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Kevin and Samantha // Wedding

My husband and I met Kevin and Sam though Kevin’s sister Molly, whose wedding I shot last May. Molly and her husband Evan are good friends of ours, and we met Kevin in the process of helping them move down to Texas. However, our friendship didn’t blossom until Evan’s bachelor party. Both Jon and Kevin were a part of the wedding party and during a fun-filled trip to Vegas, Jon and Kevin really hit it off.

It was not long after that that we met Sam. Sam is a graceful, athletic, beautiful and kind soul. She is creative and generous and we quickly came to realize once Sam is in your life, she is in for the long haul. Kevin and Sam make a beautiful couple; they balance each other out, they strive to make each other better and they have the great ability to make each other laugh.

Back in May, Kevin got the blessing from Sam’s mom and dad to marry Sam. And after bouncing back and forth between rings, Kevin proposed to Sam on a ski lift in Spain! However, they kept the engagement a secret for a few days and those of us that knew it was supposed to happen in Spain were holding our breath waiting for the news. However, once things were official and public, Sam and Kevin wasted no time. In only a few short months they planned their wedding and met each other at the end of the aisle on a chilly day in November.

Kevin and Sam along with Reagan (Sam’s dog) said “Yes” to life together. And despite the chilly air there was no lack of warmth to be found as family and friends danced the night away celebrating the next chapter in a beautiful story.

Kevin and Sam, Jon and I love you both. It was our joy to be a part of your day and we are so thankful for your friendship. We can’t wait to see what is next for you all.


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