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Casie and Cameron // Wedding

Most of us don’t meet our soul mate when we are in middle school. Most of us don’t have our first date, first boyfriend, first kiss turn out to be with the person we go on to marry. Most of us that is, but for Casie that is what happened. Casie and Cameron met in middle school, and it was not fireworks right off the bat. Casie admittedly had a crush on Cameron starting in 9th grade but they didn’t state dating till later on in high school. However despite the fact that it took Cameron a little while longer to figure out just how great Casie was, Casie was confident in her feelings. When a friend asked her if she really wanted to date him, if she could see herself marrying him, she confident

Julie and Phil // Wedding

When I met with Julie and Phil to discuss their wedding they told me they were chucking tradition. That this was a second marriage and they wanted it to be all about what the Lord has done for them and in them, and not so much about them. I loved this and I loved it even more when I showed up for the wedding and saw just how much about Jesus it truly was. Julie and Phil shared their day with family, friends and from what I could tell the entire congregation of their church where Phil works. They walked down the aisle together and began their wedding by worshiping the Lord through some beautiful hymns. Not only was worship a huge part of their service but they clearly shared the gospel of Chr

Brandi and Kevin // Wedding

I love photographing weddings of people who met in college. I think it is reminiscent of how my husband and I met but I also think there is something to be said about making the choice to love someone when you are still learning about yourself. Most college students are not only pursuing a degree in some specialized field but they are also trying to figure out who they want to be. They are learning what is important to them and trying to identify where they want to go in life. So to be doing all that discovering and then to also choose to enter into someone else's life who may be doing the same thing is brave. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. People change over time and at times their

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