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Casie and Cameron // Wedding

Most of us don’t meet our soul mate when we are in middle school. Most of us don’t have our first date, first boyfriend, first kiss turn out to be with the person we go on to marry. Most of us that is, but for Casie that is what happened. Casie and Cameron met in middle school, and it was not fireworks right off the bat. Casie admittedly had a crush on Cameron starting in 9th grade but they didn’t state dating till later on in high school. However despite the fact that it took Cameron a little while longer to figure out just how great Casie was, Casie was confident in her feelings. When a friend asked her if she really wanted to date him, if she could see herself marrying him, she confident said Yes. And that was the first yes of many Casie said to Cameron. She said yes to dates, dances, long distance and eventually to become his wife.

Casie and Cameron said yes to each other under the umbrella of mossy trees in central Florida. After days of rain and the threat of rain that day, they decided to push forward with their outside wedding only to be greeted with blue skies. Cameron and Casie said yes in front of friends and family and even some middle school students they worked with at their church being live streamed into the ceremony. However, they didn’t just say yes for the day, they said yes to continually saying yes to each other every day from here on out. Casie and Cameron sealed their vows by celebrating communion, understanding that the vows they just took would not be possible without the sacrifice and love of their Lord Jesus Christ. They vowed to follow one another as they followed Christ, knowing that in Christ is where they will find the love, patience, joy and strength to love each other well.

Casie and Cameron congratulations and thank you for allowing me to share in the joy of your wedding. May the Lord go before you, working in you and using you and your marriage to glorify him.


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