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Potter // Family

Last summer I had the opportunity to take pictures of the Potter family shortly after they adopted their third child, Morgan. This year I had the chance to meet up with them again to take some new pictures. The kids were one year older, one year cuter and one year more spunky. This family is one of the most adventurous, outgoing and fun familys out there. They laughed, played with toys and got in some tickles all while I was taking their pictures. They had a great time, which made for beautiful pictures!!

Whittaker // First Birthday

The Zinck Family is a military family in Dayton to complete AFIT. Like many families in Dayton, they don't really know what the future holds for them since they are a part of the military. However, they do know they have two beautiful and fun kids who are the light of their lives. When I arrived to the park for our session I was excited to meet Brittany and her family after having e-mailed her several times over the previous weeks. Once I arrived I was greeted by Emerson, a spunky little girl who proceeded to bring me a stick as a welcome gift. I knew at the moment it was going to be a great session! Emerson and Whittaker were fun, smily and so silly, making for the perfect family session. O

Austin and Meaghan // Wedding

Austin and Meaghan tied the knot July 11 on the campus of Miami University, joining us as proud Miami Mergers! Meaghan had been a friend of my husband's from high school, and it was an honor to do their wedding, especially on the campus of my beloved Miami University. Meaghan and Austin met though their art classes at Miami University in 2010. Soon after, they began dating and upon graduation they started a new adventure together in Virgina. Last year, Austin popped the question after taking Meaghan on a "date" to the Botanital Gardens in Columbus (her hometown). Just over a year later, after a beautiful ceremony, Meaghan is now able to finally call Austin her husband.

Kohen // Newborn

Tim and Jenna welcomed baby Kohen into the world on June 21, 2015. And yes that date should sound familiar; it was Father's Day. I have known Tim and Jenna for a while now, they got married in May 2012, just a few weeks before Jon and I. I had the privilege of photographing them in January 2014 when they moved into their first house and this time I was honored to photograph them as new parents. I remember last fall talking to Tim and Jenna at a festival with our friends Tim and Chelsea, who knew at the time that they were pregnant, Tim and Jenna told us they were not ready to have kids and that maybe it would be a while still before they started trying. Then come winter, they announced they

Kelsie and Chris // Wedding

Kelsie and Chris are two of the more genuine, funny, outgoing, loving and caring people I have met. Kelsie went to high school with my husband Jon, and Jon has been close to Kelsie and her family ever since. I was honored to be a part of their wedding, not only as a guest but as the photographer. So this wedding was not just another on the calendar, but was close to my heart. Kelsie and Chris met while Chris was coaching Kelsie's brother's lacrosse team. Chris was also leading Young Life at the time and was often over at Kelsie's house to meet with Alex and hang out. However, that turned into Chris and Kelsie sitting in the kitchen of Kelsie's house and talking all night. That night turned

Krumlauf // Family

I am always honored when someone trusts me to capture moments in their life, whether it is a newborn, child's party, wedding, senior pictures or a family portrait. As a photographer we invest a lot emotion into our pictures; there is an unspoken intimate aspect of capturing a moment so significant to someone that they wanted pictures of it. That intimacy and passion is heightened when you are photographing someone you love. JJ and Sara hold a very special place in my heart and my life. I have known JJ as long as I can remember; his little sister is one of my childhood best friends. I have watched him play HS basketball, I watched him coach in collage, I was at his wedding and now I have the

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