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Julie and Phil // Wedding

When I met with Julie and Phil to discuss their wedding they told me they were chucking tradition. That this was a second marriage and they wanted it to be all about what the Lord has done for them and in them, and not so much about them. I loved this and I loved it even more when I showed up for the wedding and saw just how much about Jesus it truly was.

Julie and Phil shared their day with family, friends and from what I could tell the entire congregation of their church where Phil works. They walked down the aisle together and began their wedding by worshiping the Lord through some beautiful hymns. Not only was worship a huge part of their service but they clearly shared the gospel of Christ with all, addressing our need for a savior and the need for Christ to be at the center of their lives and marriage. It was a beautiful service where Christ was glorified and Julie and Phil humbly accepted the challenge to love and care for each other till death. After the service Phil and Julie greeted each guest, hugging them and thanking them personally for being a part of their day. I had the privilege of overhearing each guest as they exited the receiving line and each guest mentioned not only how beautiful the wedding and couple were, but how they could see the lord in and through them. What a huge compliment, to have others see Christ in your words and actions.

Julie and Phil are loved. Like, really loved. And it was a true joy to be able to not only capture their wedding but to worship Christ alongside them. Congratulations Julie and Phil, may the Lord continue to use you in the life and ministry of your church, because even in my short time with you I know you have had quite the impact already!

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