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Singleton // Family

This family; what can I say, they are incredible humans. Melanie is one of the paraprofessionals in my classroom at school; she is loving, kind, caring and compassionate. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have had the pleasure to know in this life. She cares so deeply about others and the kids in our classroom adore her. She has faced trial after trial this year and I am not sure there has been a day she has not come in smiling, giving our students hugs and love and continuing to encourage me as a young teacher. She is an outstanding human and her family is nothing short of awesome! During our session we went to Sugarcreek Metropark as this is a location that means a great deal t

Matt and Molly // Wedding

Matt and Molly got engaged just over a year ago at Hills and Dales Metro Park in Kettering, Ohio. They tied the knot on October 10th, 2015. Their day was picture perfect; every detail had been thought through, every flower was in place and the weather was perfect! Matt and Molly met while participating in the Kettering City Schools Bowling League. Matt was a teacher at the Kettering Fairmont High School while Molly was subbing in the district. He first saw her while she was subbing at the high school one day. When Molly got a full time job in Kettering she joined the bowling league for some fun and relaxation. Lucky for her, Matt was also participating in the same bowling league, and to Matt

Alex // Senior

Alex is a part of a family that has come to mean a great deal to me. Little did I know that when I married Jon, I would not only get in-laws, but I would also get the Cash family. My husband Jon has known the Cash family since high school; he practically lived at their house for much of high school. So when I married Jon in 2012, I also grew to love this family. They have not only been a source of great friendship to Jon and I, but they have also trusted me to not only take Alex's senior pictures this year, but also to take their daughter Manda's senior pictures in 2013, as well as just a few months ago they had me capture their daughter Kelsie's wedding. I am so so thankful for their trust

Madison // Senior

Last Monday, I had the chance to meet a senior from Kings High School in Cincinnatti Ohio. She was kind, laid back, smart and simply beautiful. Madison is a senior, set to graduate in May 2016. She is interested in studying occupational therapy upon graduation. She also seemed pretty adventurous as she was looking to attend school in the Carolinas. The session was picture perfect; we were able to hit the golden hour before the sun went down. We had perfect temperatures and there was not a cloud in the sky! Cheers to you Madison and good luck during senior year and beyond! ​

Elizabeth and Dan // Wedding

Weddings are usually a large scale event involving hundreds of people, large cakes and plenty of dancing, but there is something to be said about small intimate family weddings. This is exactly what Elizabeth and Dan had envisoned for their special day. They wanted their closest friends and family to surrond them, to love on them and to celebrate with them and that is exactly what they got. Dan and Elizabeth got married in the Old Dayton Courthouse with their family and friends looking upon them in love and celebration. They experienced their special day with the people they love most in the world, they exchanged simple yet loving vows and celebrated the night away in a downtown Dayton resta

Apple Picking

Fall is all about big sweaters, warm cider, bonfires and apples, apples apples. Monnin's Fruit Farm is a you-pick apple orchard in Dayton Ohio. Along with the you-pick apples, they have a farm store full of fresh produce, corn, homemade baked goods, ciders and so much more. And if you are anything like me and you love amish cheeses, you can hind both Walnut Creek and Heini's Cheese stocked in the fridges there. Some of my friends and I went apple picking there a few weeks ago and it was so fun. Not only was it a great deal, but there are so many types of apples to choose from. We hung out, tasted a few of the apples, picked for a few hours and came home with a half bushel of apples for only

Megan and Andrew // Maternity

Megan and Andrew live in Oxford, Ohio, where they met as students at Miami University. They got married two years ago, joining the ranks of many other Miami Mergers. They are now currently raising support to join Cru staff on campus at Miami University. They have an amazing heart for college students and their desire is to instill in them a love for Jesus Christ. Megan and Andrew are also entering the next chapter of their lives; they are becoming parents! Megan and Andrew are expecting their first child due in November. They are excited to welcome their daughter Ava Mae into this world to love her, dream with her, explore, learn and grow with her. They are also excited to show her Jesus, po

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