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Guindon // Maternity

Having a child is not only a joy but a commandment. The Lord call us to be fruitful and multiply; boy, talk about a daunting task. To have a child means to give up every selfish desire, to give up free time and to begin to live completely for someone else. However, through Christ we have the ability, calling, and motive to bring new life into this world. For Tim and Chelsea having a child was not something they took lightly. They wanted to make sure they could provide a good life and when the Lord called Chelsea to quit her job and work from home they didn't think a baby was in the cards just yet. But the Lord had different plans, Chelsea found out she was pregnant just days after putting in her notice at work. Now being a one income household -- Fear set in. Yet in the waves of unknown water and fear of bringing new life into this world, the Lord calmed fears and continued to make his plan known to Tim and Chelsea. This sweet life is not an accident, she is God's perfect image bearer and my prayer over her sweet life is that she would see the Lord though her parents and she would become a follower of the almighty God. Baby Guindon -- you are loved.

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