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Krumlauf // Family

I am always honored when someone trusts me to capture moments in their life, whether it is a newborn, child's party, wedding, senior pictures or a family portrait. As a photographer we invest a lot emotion into our pictures; there is an unspoken intimate aspect of capturing a moment so significant to someone that they wanted pictures of it. That intimacy and passion is heightened when you are photographing someone you love. JJ and Sara hold a very special place in my heart and my life. I have known JJ as long as I can remember; his little sister is one of my childhood best friends. I have watched him play HS basketball, I watched him coach in collage, I was at his wedding and now I have the joy of doing life with his wonderful family through our house church. JJ and Sara are two of the most consistent and loving people I know. They are steadfast and loyal, they seek Christ in all they do and they desire to see the people around them love the Lord and grow toward Him daily. Likewise they desire to create an environment of love, worship and Godly truth for their daughters through both tough situations and abundant blessings. In all, they point them to the Glory, majesty and Love of God the Father. I am lucky to call them family.

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