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Amanda and LT // Engagement

I have known Amanda since 6th grade and for a good six years of our lives there was never a time we were not at practice together or training together. Between cross country practices and basketball scrimmages we spent a majority of our jr. high and high school years together; often times for better or for worse. During our session together we reminisced about high school and the people we used to be and how we are glad our husbands/fiancées didn't know us in high school and during that time I loved hearing about the person Amanda has become.

During our time together, not only was it great to see my high school friend as an adult but it was clear that LT was her perfect companion. Amanda is a fire cracker; she is sassy and loud and a lover of living life to the fullest and LT was definitely the calm and steady hand who can not only handle Amanda's outgoing personality but who can keep up with her sass. I loved the way they interacted and loved on each other during our time together; they made my job incredibly easy. With their wedding only a few short weeks away I got to hear all about the last minute planning and the excitement in their voices and it was clear to me this was not something they considered absentmindedly but it was something very important to them.

I am so excited to be apart of Amanda and LT's big day. It is exciting to see my friend become not only a bride but a great wife. I am excited for their adventures and the plan they are making for their future. Cheers to you Amanda and LT, thanks for letting me be a part of your love story; it sure is a beautiful one.

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